corr peroxidase

Thomas Martin tmartin at
Thu Dec 7 10:55:09 EST 1995

sorry made a mistake. instead of anorganic you should read anionic. 

 i am working on a Nicotiana plumbaginifolia mutant with a
closed cotyledon phenotype. First results indicate that an anionic
peroxidase might be involved in this phenotype.To verify our results it
would be very helpful for me to get antibodies against anionic
peroxidases. Is there someone who would supply me with an alliquot of such
an antibody???? It would be also very nice if someone could give me some
hints about blockers of either anionic peroxidase transcription or
Any help is wellcome.
my email:
       tmartin at oxygene.versailles.inra.f

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