CAPS on chromosome 5

Laurence Godiard lgodiard at TOULOUSE.INRA.FR
Fri Dec 8 11:25:13 EST 1995

Dear netters,

I have some problems with ASA 1 and PAI 2 CAPS markers on top of chromosome 5.

- Does anybody know another polymorphism than Bcl1 with ASA 1 between La-er
and Col-0 DNA ? Does anybody have seen weird segregation patterns with that
marker (maybe due to the Bcl1 digest) ?

- In my hands PAI 2 behaves as a dominant marker (impossible to distinguish
Col-0 / La-er Heterozygotes from Col-0 Homozygotes, after 56 degrees
annealing temperature PCR and AflIII digest)

Thanks for your help,

Laurence Godiard

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