Arabidopsis Pests

Aaron Rashotte arashott at AG.ARIZONA.EDU
Tue Dec 12 15:35:52 EST 1995

Dear Group,
	Maybe some of you can help answer a question that I have been 
wondering about for a while.  I am interested in what sort of insects 
attack or have interactions with Arabidopsis in the wild.  I know that 
most of us think of Arabidopsis as a Lab dwelling plant, but I know that 
there are hundreds of different ecotypes from all over the world, which
someone must have identified from the field at one time.  
			Can anyone help?
	I would also be interested in hearing about insect interactions in the
lab. I have personally seen Arabidopsis attacked by more than one 
species of aphid, thrips, diamondback moth, and have heard horror stories 
reguarding spider mites.  Any information would be appreciated.
	Aaron Rashotte

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Aaron Rashotte
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