FASEB Conference: Plant Developmental Genetics

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Preliminary Program

FASEB Summer Research Conference
Plant Developmental Genetics
August 10-15, 1996
Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT

Scott Poethig, Chair
Joanne Chory, Vice-chair
Daniel Cosgrove, Vice-chair

August 10, Saturday evening
Keynote Address: John Doebley

"The genetics and developmental biology of maize evolution"

August 11, Sunday  morning
Topic: Gametophyte development
Chair: Teh-Hui Kao

1. Teh-Hui Kao: "A receptor kinase of Petunia involved in male gametophyte
2. Robert Fischer: regulation of embryo sac development in Arabidopsis
3. Jody Banks: regulation of sex determination in fern gametophytes

August 11, Sunday evening
Topic: Fertilization/Embryogenesis
Chair: David Meinke

1. Scott Russell: fertilization in flowering plants
2. Daphne Preuss: "Genetics of pollen-pistil interactions: Talking through
3. David Meinke: embryo-suspensor interactions in Arabidopsis
4. Colin Brownlee: cell fate determination in Fucus embryogenesis

August 12, Monday morning
Topic: Apical meristems
Chair: Kathy Barton

1. Kathy Barton: shoot meristem initiation in Arabidopsis
2. Steve Clark: regulation of shoot meristem size in Arabidopsis
3. Eugene Szymkowiak: mutations affecting in shoot meristem identity in tomato
4. Heather McKhann: "Genetic analysis of root meristem formation in Arabidopsis"

August 12, Monday evening
Topic: Phase change/flowering
Chair: Detlef Weigel

1. Scott Poethig: "Phase change in maize and Arabidopsis"
2  James Reid: "Genetic control of flowering and phase change in peas"
3.  Ry Meeks-Wagner: the regulation of floral initiation in Arabidopsis
4.  Detlef Weigel: leafy and the regulation of floral initiation

 August 13, Tuesday morning
Topic: Flower and Leaf development
Chair: Robert Schmidt

1. Robert Schmidt: homeotic genes affecting flower development in maize
2. Michael Freeling: leaf development in maize
3. Andrew Hudson: regulation of dorsiventrality in Antirrhinum leaves

August 13, Tuesday evening
Topic: Cellular differentiation
Chair: Jane Langdale

1. Dina Mandoli: Developmental genetics of Acetabularia.
2. David Marks: "The action of GL1, TTG, GL2 and other genes that control
trichome cell fate in
3. Liam Dolan: regulation of root hair development in Arabidopsis
4. Jane Langdale: genetic regulation of C4 differentiation in maize

August 14, Wednesday morning
Topic: Growth and cell division
Chair: Daniel Cosgrove

1. Daniel Cosgrove: expansins
2. Joseph Ecker: hormonal regulation of differential growth in Arabidopsis
3. Tobias Baskin: the role of the cytoskeleton in root growth in Arabidopsis
4. Laurie Smith: regulation of the orientation of cell division in maize

August 14, Wednesday afternoon
Topic: Light and plant development
Chair: Joanne Chory

1. Johanna Schmitt: the adaptive significance of photomorphogenesis
2. Joanne Chory: "Genetic analysis of photosignal transduction"
3. Margaret Ahmad: genetic analysis of blue light signal transduction
4. Thierry Genoud: "Arabidopsis mutants hypersensitive to the light signal"

August 15, Thursday morning
Topic: Hot topics
Chair: Steven Dellaporta

1. Jeffrey Dangl: "Loci controlling cell death and pathogen recognition in
2. Steven Dellaporta: cell death and sex determination in maize

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