Plastid Contamination in TAMU BACs

Sneaky Weasel creel at BIOCH.TAMU.EDU
Wed Dec 13 00:51:45 EST 1995


        In order to estimate plastid contamination in the TAMU BAC library,
it has been probed with a PCR fragment containing the A. thaliana atpE and
trnM plastid genes and a Barley psbD gene. Note that the A. thaliana
mitochondrial trnM differs by only only 5 bp from the plastid trnM gene, so
this could be considered an estimate of plastid and mitochondrial
contamination. 59 out of 3936 clones (1.6%) hybridized to these probes.

        Here are the 384 and 96 well plate grid locations.

        <384 Well Plate>
        1A23    1A24    1B19    1B24    1D17    1G19    1K16    1M8     2A9

        2L21    3D14    3F15    3G12    3K15    3L11    3M12    4E18    4G1

        4N11    4P9     5C18    5C21    5F8     5F19    5G21    5H21    5L24

        5O19    6K2     6K12    6K19    7B17    7F7     7F19    7H16    7L24

        7N15    7O20    8H3     8I14    8K15    8N23    9A20    9C1     9D5

        9K13    9M1     9M3     9O4     9O16    10A15   10D1    10F2    10F21

        10J23   10L12   10M3    10O13   11G8

        <96 Well Plate>
        2A11    2A12    2B7     2B12    2D5     2G7     3E8     4C4     5A9

        7D9     9G12    10D2    10F3    11E12   12C3    13G1    14E6    15D11

        15F11   15H9    17F8    18C6    18C9    18F7    18G9    18H9    20D12

        20G7    23C2    23C12   24C7    25F7    26B5    26F7    26H4    28D12

        28F3    28G8    29H3    32A2    32C3    32F11   33C1    33D5    34A8

        35D12   35E1    35E3    35G4    36C1    36G4    37D1    37F2    38A3

        38F9    39E3    40B11   40G1    42G8

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