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Looking for some nice people to join our lab:

The new department of plant physiology is located at the Institute for
Botany on the campus of the Eberhard-Karls-University in the old university
town of Tuebingen together with all other natural sciences. Tuebingen is
located about 30 km south of Stuttgart, Germany.
Our group is concerned with research into transport phenomena occuring in
higher plants (ion uptake from soil, nitrogen distribution and long
distance sugar transport). Studies aim at a detailed characterization of
structure-function, localization, regulation, and physiology of transport
processes in plants. Mutants and transgenics will be used to study the
physiological function of these proteins (for whomever is interested in
details, see: EMBO J. 13, 1 and 3464; PNAS 92, dec.; JBC 270, 16315; Ann
Rev Plant Phys. 46, 419).
To be able to study all these aspects, we need strong support. Thus the
department offers vacancies for several post-doctoral and Ph.D. student
positions available in 1996 starting from april (that=B4s when we will start
have moved there). The exact date for the new contracts is negotiable.
Experience in electrophysiology, biochemistry, physiology or molecular
biology is preferred but not essential. Send copies of your CV and three
letters of recommendation to Wolf B. Frommer.
In case of further questions, please feel free to contact me or Doris
Rentsch (email Rentsch at

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