mutant hunt ideas needed

Fri Dec 15 22:41:18 EST 1995


I'm gearing up to teach my plant physiology course again in which I have
students isolate M2 Arabidopsis mutants, grow them for M3 seed then design
and conduct experiments to learn something about them. (It is possible to do
this in a 15 week semester.)  If you are interested in hearing more about the
project send me a message.  I'm currently working on a WWW manual for the
project to take advantage of the databases and I'll post the URL in a week or
so when it is ready.

What I would like from you are ideas on what to search for.  In the past we
have found mutants that are fairly easy to find: hy, chl, agravitropic roots,
auxin resistant mutants, developmental mutants...  It is more fun for me to
have them look for new types of mutants.  Since we don't have unlimited space,
I would hope to look only for those that occur at a fairly high frequency.  It
is also nice if several groups could look at the same plants for different
mutants so destructive selection isn't the best.  If you have any ideas I would
love to hear them.  Has anyone used a fluorescence spec to screen leaf
extracts?  If we find anything of interest to you, I will gladly send you the
M3 seeds.  


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