Drought research in Arabidopsis

Leon Miguel lmiguel at uniwa.uwa.edu.au
Mon Dec 18 01:33:28 EST 1995


I am considering some work looking at physiological responses to drought; 
and would be keen to use arabidopsis due to its small size and rapid 
turnover time.

I have briefly looked at the literature, and there does seem to be 
variation in water use efficiency and carbon isotope discrimination (eg 
Nienhus et al, 1994, Masle et al, 1994), although repeatability (between 
replicate growth chambers etc) may be a problem.

Following the recent discussion of arabidopsis being a realistic model 
for plant physilogy, I am interested in 

1. People's opinions about the realism of drought stress to a plant with  
such a short life cycle,

2. Is much work being continued with arabidopsis in this area ( I don't 
want to re-invent the wheel)

Any replies would be much appreciated.

Leon Miguel

Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA)
University of Western Australia
phone  61 9 380 1982


Leon Miguel

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