pBI 121

Bart Janssen bjanssen at bio.tamu.edu
Tue Dec 19 14:15:00 EST 1995

In article <4b6di8$so2 at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, Carin.Jarl at plantcell.lu.se (Carin
Jarl-Sunesson) wrote:

> Does anybody have the sequence data or a good restriction map of pBI 121?
> Or maybe the reference were I can find it. I also would like to know if
> there is anybody out there from whom I could get A.tum LBA 4404?
> Thanks,
> Carin Jarl

There is a reference to pBI121 in the Jeferson GUS paper plant Cell
reports 1987, and the sequence of pBIN19 is in the database.  With those
two sources you should be able to assemble the full sequence of pBI121.

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