Postdoctoral Fellowships:PLANT INSECT INTERACTIONS

David Galbraith dgalbrai at AG.ARIZONA.EDU
Wed Dec 20 12:40:40 EST 1995


The Interdisciplinary Research Training Program (RTP) on Plant-Insect
Interactions at the University of Arizona invites applications for
Postdoctoral Fellowships. 

Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to, the molecular
and genetic analysis of
the biosynthesis of plant secondary products, the molecular and genetic
analysis of phloem  development, cytochromes P450 in plant-insect
interactions, gut physiology and biochemistry, chemoreception, and nutrition
in phloem feeding insects.  

The RTP is funded by the DOE/NSF/USDA Joint Program on Collaborative
Research in Plant Biology.  Its overall goals are to provide effective
interdisciplinary training in plant and insect sciences and to develop a
better understanding of the complex interactions between plants and insects
to serve as a guide for genetic engineering of plants for protection against
insect attack.  In particular, novel approaches to mechanistic studies are
sought, with an emphasis on the insect-plant interaction.  

Faculty involved are in the Departments of Biochemistry, Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology, Entomology, Neurobiology, and Plant Sciences.  For
more detailed information, please contact D.W. Galbraith
(dgalbrai at, K. Feldmann (feldmann at, or R.
Feyereisen (feyereisen at

Fellowships include a stipend, as well as support for research supplies and
travel to scholarly meetings.  Appointments are normally for two years, with
the second year of funding dependent on progress and the development of
active research interactions.  Applicants should send an
introductory cover letter, research interest statement, curriculum vitae,
and names of three references to:  Plant-Insect Interdisciplinary Program,
Center for Insect Science, Attention:  D.W.Galbraith,  Life Sciences South
Building, Room 225, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ   85721.  Applications
will be accepted until further notice.  PLEASE NOTE that according to the
conditions of the grant, fellowship recipients must be citizens or permanent
residents of the United States.  Women and minorities are urged to apply.
The University of Arizona is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment
Opportunity/ADA Employer.  

David Galbraith
Professor of Plant Sciences
University of Arizona 
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