AFLP updates

Wed Dec 20 19:58:45 EST 1995

Dear Arabinetters

I have a couple of AFLP related pieces of news.

First (and most importantly), a couple of our colleagues have picke 
up a typo in our originally posted AFLP method. For those of you who 
have printed it out, the mistake was in sec. 1.3 ligation of 
adapters. The EcoRI-oligo.1 has a sequence error (our nasty typo!!!). 
The sequence error has been corrected so if you log back in the 
correct sequence is now available. Sorry if this caused anyone 
problems. We have since gone through the entire protocol again and 
haven't found anything else (so far!).  

Next a couple of additional papers using AFLP have come out recently 
that people might be interested in:

Becker et al. 1995 MGG 249: 65-73 (AFLP in barley)

Meksem et al. 1995 MGG 249: 74-81 (AFLP in potato)

Goodman et al. 1995 PNAS 92:10831-10835 (discussed in context of the 
Arabidopsis genome project and the feasibility of using it as a tool 
to clone genes known only by visible phenotype)

Cheers and happy holidays

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