1996 Chloroplast and Mitochondria Gordon Conference

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The 1996 Gordon Research Conference on Mitochondria and Chloroplasts will
be held June 16-21 at Plymouth State College, New Hampshire.

People interested in attending should request an application-to-attend form
from the Gordon Research Center either in writing or by E-mail at the
addresses listed below.

                        Gordon Research Conferences
                        Gordon Research Center
                        University of Rhode Island
                        P.O. Box 984
                        West Kingston, RI 02892-0984

                        GRC at GRCMAIL.GRC.URI.EDU


Chair:  Kathleen Newton                 Vice-Chair:  Gottfried Schatz

Sunday PM
Organelle Genomes and Gene Transfer. Discussion leader:  Jeff Palmer
Jean Feagin (Seattle Biomedical Research Inst.)  Organelle genomes of
Jeff Palmer (Indiana Univ.)  Gene transfer from organelles to the nucleus
Eric Schon (Columbia Univ.) Inter- and intraorganellar exchange of
information          in human mitochondria

Monday AM
Mitochondrial Mutations.  Discussion leader:  Kathleen Newton
Joanne Poulton (Oxford Univ., U.K.) MtDNA rearrangements in humans:
transmission                and phenotype
Kathleen Newton (Univ. of Missouri-Columbia) Unstable mitochondrial genomes
and         aberrant phenotypes in maize
Laurie Kaguni (Michigan State Univ.)  Molecular and genetic analysis of
mitochondrial DNA polymerase in Drosophila
Marc Boutry (Univ. of Louvain, Belgium)  Induction of mitochondrial mutants
in  transgenic plants expressing a mutator DNA polymerase

Poster session

Monday PM
RNA Editing/Organelle Transmission.  Discussion leader:  Maureen Hanson
Maureen Hanson (Cornell Univ.)  RNA editing in plants
Michael Yaffe (UC San Diego) Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial inheritan=
Jodi Nunnari (UC Davis)  Mitochondrial organization and transmission

Tuesday AM
Transcription. Discussion leader:  David Clayton
Judith Jaehning (Univ. of Colorado, Denver) Biochemical and genetic
analysis of the yeast mitochondrial RNA polymerase
Mike Gray (Dalhousie Univ., Canada) The mitochondrial transcription
apparatus in plants
Lori Allison (Rutgers Univ.) A plastid RNA polymerase with novel promoter
Giuseppe Attardi (Cal-Tech) Detailed structure-function analysis of the
human   mitochondrial transcription termination factor.

Round-Table Discussion:
Plastid engineering:  Technical issues and Biological  Problems.
Discussion leader:  Pal Maliga (Rutgers Univ.)

Poster Session

Tuesday PM
Post-transcriptional regulation.  Discussion leader:  David Stern
Jean-David Rochaix (Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland) Nuclear genes involved in
        chloroplast gene expression in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Steve Mayfield (Scripps Inst., La Jolla, CA)  RNA/protein interaction in
light-regulated translation
John Mullet (Texas A&M Univ.)  Regulation of chloroplast psbD transcription
by blue light
David Stern  (Boyce Thompson Inst., Ithaca, NY) Role of the 3' untranslated
region in regulating chloroplast mRNA processing and stability

Wednesday AM
Translation and Assembly.  Discussion leader:  Tom Fox
Tom Fox (Cornell Univ.)  Genetic studies of mitochondrial translation
controlled by nuclear genes
=46rancis-Andre Wollman (IPBC, Paris, France)  Looking for rate-limiting
steps in         chloroplast protein synthesis
Sabeeha Merchant (UCLA) Biogenesis of chloroplast c-type cytochromes
Alex Tzagoloff  (Columbia Univ.) The greening of cytochrome oxidase
Bernie Lemire  (Univ. of Edmonton, Canada) The covalent attachment of FAD
to yeast complex II requires import and processing

Poster session

Wednesday PM
Nuclear-cytoplasmic interactions.  Discussion leader:  Ron Butow
Ron Butow  (UT Dallas)  Retrograde regulation mutants of yeast.
Rich Scarpulla  (Northwestern Univ., Chicago) Hormone receptor signalling
through nuclear respiratory factor 1.
Greg Brown  (McGill Univ., Montreal, Canada) Nuclear-mitochondrial gene
interactions and male sterility in Brassica

Thursday AM
Protein import into chloroplasts. Discussion leader  Alice Barkan
Danny Schnell  (Rutgers Univ.) The protein import machinery of chloroplasts
J=FCrgen Soll  (Kiel Univ., Germany)  The protein import machinery of
chloroplasts - constituents,regulation and function
Ken Cline  (Univ. of Florida, Gainesville)  Proteins are targeted to the
thylakoid membrane and lumen by several mechanisms
Alice Barkan  (Oregon) Genetic analysis of thylakoid protein targeting.

Poster session

Thursday PM
Targeting and sorting of proteins and RNA.  Discussion leader: Gottfried Sch=
Katsuyoshi Mihara  (Fukuoka, Japan)  Cytosolic chaperones in precursor
targeting to mitochondria:  the role of MSF and hsp70
Nancy Martin  (Univ. of Louisville, Kentucky)  Providing tRNA processing
enzymes to mitochondria: Strategies include duplication, sharing and
Robert Martin  (Strasbourg, France)  Mechanisms of tRNA import into yeast

Kathleen Newton
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