Plant stress letter

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Fri Feb 3 10:15:56 EST 1995

Dear Netters:  Thanks to everyone for their response to the letter to
President Clinton regarding his comments on plant stress.  So far 51
people have signed from all over the country.  I think this is a
wonderful demonstration of the power of internet.

I will send the letter to the White House and to Science on Monday, so
anyone else who wants to sign must respond by then.  I will include
full names, prefaced by "Dr." if I was sure from your emmail, and name
of Institution or company.  

Many people suggested excellent improvements to the letter.  I am
leaving it in its original form only because after so many people
agreed to sign I didn't think it was fair to change it.  However, I
feel that the chances of our opinions actually being noticed can only
be improved by lots of letters being sent.

It was nice to hear from so many of you
Jocelyn Malamy   NYU

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