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XW. Deng, B. Shirley, J. Walker XDENG at YALEVM.YCC.YALE.EDU
Mon Feb 6 10:11:07 EST 1995

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We (Xing Wang Deng, Brenda Shirley and John Walker) are considering
organizing a workshop on "Emerging approaches in understanding the cellular
function of newly cloned Arabidopsis genes" at the 6th International
Meeting on Arabidopsis Research.  This workshop would be held on Saturday
afternoon, June 10, from 4:00-6:30.

At this time, we would just like to hear whether there is enough interest on a
workshop on this topic and how many people would be interested in providing
a short presentation (5-10 minutes) on a new approach you just developed or
optimized for Arabidopsis research.  If you have suggestions on the aspects
covered and the format of the workshop, please let us know.   In general,
we would like to develop a format that will encourage discussion.

The following represents a set of general topics to be included, and
expansion is expected:

1.  Developing of antibodies and other molecular tools.

2.  Determining the subcellular localization of the gene product.

3.  Cloning interactive partners of gene products.

4.  Detecting biochemical modification of the gene product.

5.  Revealing the biochemical activity of the gene product.

Please e-mail us your responses.

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