A/T profiles of genomic seq

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  OFFICE MEMO          A/T profiles of genomic sequences      Date:2/7/95

Hello Arabinetters,
   I am analyzing the distribution of A/T sequence motifs in Arabidopsis
genomic sequences; specifically the distribution of 6 contiguous A/T base pair
motifs.  This is a functional binding site for HMGa (high mobility group)
chromosomal proteins.  Preliminary analyses have shown that the "A/T profile"
of HMGa sites for Arabidopsis genes depends on the expression profile of the
gene.  Constitutively expressed genes differ substantially from inducible or
genes with a specific tissue specificity.  
I would like to extend this  work to as many genomic sequences as possible to
see if this pattern holds true for all genes.  
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is working with a well
characgterized promoter to send me some further information.  The best case is
that of a gene family where members have unique expression patterns.  In terms
of describing the expression of the gene, three parameters are important:
level of expression,
tissue specificity.

The more responses I get the better.  If you have a gene that fits the bill, I
would greatly appreciate it if you would provide the following information.

Clone Name:

Expression notes:

Genebank Accession number:

Thanks a lot,

Dan Szymanski

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