Hormone longevity (SORRY!)

Mon Feb 13 16:55:19 EST 1995

These things are sent to try us!
Sorry about the last post - I don't know what went wrong!

Anyway, I was attempting to send the responses to my original query 
concerning the -20 shelf-life of sterilised hormone stocks (in 
particular; IAA, IBA, and NAA). 

Thank you to the two people who replied.

Basically it was suggested that for any physiological-type experiments 
the hormones should be freshly made up every two weeks or so in order 
to avoid any problems of degradation.  Another reply stated however 
that this is not really  a problem even over numerous months.

In my limited experience I would agree that IBA and NAA are rather 
stable over time, whereas IAA needs to be made quite regularly.

Thanks for the responses, and sorry again about the earlier debacle!
D'OH!  D'OH!  D'OH!

Eugene B Fredericks
Dept Genetics & Developmental Biology
Monash University

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