GFP in plants

Hanson Lab Lab_Mac_Hanson at
Tue Feb 14 10:47:40 EST 1995

Hi! I have made transgenic plants using the GFP protien as a marker but can
not detect the protein with the methods I use to visualize it in bacteria.
It might be because it is masked by fluorescence of chlorophyll or other
compounds in green plants. Is there an easy fast way to detect and quantify
the  GFP in plants? Maybe with a fluorometer? 
I heard recently that the protein might contain a cryptic intron which is
spliced out in plants and creates a non functional RNA.  
Has anybody heard that to and might be able to give me some more
information about it? If it's tru I can stop waisting my time and start to
make new constructs!
Thanks for your help.

Rainer Kšhler
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

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