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Toni Schaeffner schaeff at
Wed Feb 15 16:11:11 EST 1995

Dear Arabinetters,

We want to organize a workshop on genome research ("Genomics for
everybody") at the upcoming Arabidopsis meeting in Madison:
Since there is already a main session devoted to genomics this will be and
should be concentrating on technical developments but also problems
associated with gene and mutant mapping, walking, landing, contigs,
cloning. We assume that there are a lot of people that are users or want to
use these techniques, aren=B4t there?

We therefore propose the following format:

A) There will be some contributions on general techniques and progresses,
mainly or exclusively touching those questions that are not covered at the
main session: This should cover issues from initial mapping till the
cloning and identification of cDNAs: i.e. information on new techniques,
general YAC technology, problems, anecdotes, complementation (libraries for
...) vs. sequencing, mutant screening by various techniques, ...

B) This general information and discussion board may be followed by small
discussion groups divided by chromosome leading to the specific exchange of
information, to discoveries of people working in the same region, perhaps
solving chromosome/region specific problems, ...

If you have any contributions or suggestions about what you or anybody else
contribute, please let us know. Any contribution will be at most 10 min or
less to leave enough time for discussions.

We also would greatly appreciate to get an idea how many people are at
least interested to come, listen and discuss in order to give the local
organizing commitee an idea about the room required; please indicated also
briefly if you want to take part in a chromosome-specific small discussion
group and on which chromosome(s) your interest is focused.


Tony Schaeffner

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