in situ hybridization/fixing of sections to glass slides

Wilfried Peters peterswi at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Fri Feb 17 16:25:18 EST 1995

I am doing in situ hybridization with paraffin embedded plant sections. During
the hybridization step with a 50% formamide solution most of the sections fall
off. Therefore I would like to fix the sections to the glass slides according
to the method described in Tourtelotte et al. (1987), where aminopropyl-
triethoxysilane precoated slides are activated with glutaraldehyde for covalent
binding of the sections.
Does anybody have experience with this fixation method using plant tissue
sections ?
Alternatively, does anybody have experience with commercially sold precoated
slides ?
Any suggestions would kindly be appreciated.

Wilfried Peters
peterswi at

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