Charles H. Woodson woodson at CAIS.CAIS.COM
Tue Feb 21 23:06:13 EST 1995

Dear Arabidopsis Newsgroup Readers,

I think that President Clinton's remarks with respect to plant stress,
like his remarks regarding specially designed cigarette receivers, were
meant to point out that the President intends to target overspending and 
corruption while he is in Office.

While I was a graduate student in Plant Biology at Berkeley, I saw
problems such as drug use among Post Doctoral students, and cheating by
fellow students.  Both of these undoubtedly affected the caliber of some
government funded research.  Although these problems need to be
addressed, it is important that the President realize the value of well
applied plant science research.  

In one way or another, all terrestrial life is dependent upon the energy
which plants harvest from the sun.  With problems such as salination of
water supplies, ozone depletion, and overcrowding, it becomes extremely
important that we identify ways to continue to provide the world's
population with the energy which it needs in order to exist.  Good plant
stress research is one way to go about this task.


Charles H. Woodson

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