the dammned vector pBI101.3

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Wed Feb 22 18:20:00 EST 1995

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> Hi, Arabidopsis netters:
>     Please note there is a stop codon within the MCS of pBI101.3 from 
> Clontech. I can not imagine how Clontech could have sold such a damned 
> vector to plant research community. If you ever tried the vector for 
> inframe fusion construct and did not have positive results by cloning 
> your interested fragments into Xba I, Sal I or HindIII site, you better
> redo it with other strategies. I have spent a few monthes for my constructs
> and finally found this problem. By the way, can I or other victims take 
> some kind of actions against Clontech? Any advice, please!
In the 1992/1993 catalog, Clonetech clearly indicates the codons for a 
translational fusion with GUS from the Hind3 site to the initiation codon 
for GUS. This same information is present in the 1993/1994 catalog and the 
1994/1995 catalog. How can you take action against Clonetech for your failure to 
carefully study the literature provided by the vendor which unambiguously 
shows the translation termination codon?  The fact that the people at 
Clonetech responsible for interpreting the information could only recognize
ATG and report the presence of a possible initiation codon does not relieve 
you of any responsibility to be a thoughtful consumer. Clearly the vector was
designed for the Bam-site to be utilized as the site of fusion. I would guess
that the other sites were introduced as an aid to orienting the inserted 
DNA fragment.
Caveat emptor!
Regards,  Brian Smith-White

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