Yanofsky Lab WWW Web page

Steve Rounsley rounsley at UCSD.EDU
Wed Feb 22 22:57:37 EST 1995

Hello to all Arabidopsis "netters",
        I would like to announce the presence of the Yanofsky Lab home page
on the UCSD Biology Web Server.  It can be accessed by using the following
URL in Mosaic or Netscape (highly reccommended by the way).

We have incorporated summaries of various aspects of the MADS-box gene
family, including phylogenetic and RNA in situ analyses, and abstracts of
recent and upcoming publications.  At this time, it is still in
development, and over the coming months hope it will become a useful
resource for anyone interested in flower development. 
   So please take a look at our pages and let us know what you think. We
welcome any suggestions on how to improve these pages.  The Web server we
are currently using is not the fastest, and the graphical nature of much of
what we present may mean the speed is not optimal but please bear with us.
In the coming months I am sure many other labs will be making some of their
data available through this medium.
                happy surfing,
                        Steve Rounsley
                        Yanofsky Lab.

send any comments to me:  rounsley at ucsd.edu

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