anti-GUS antibody

Cindy Gustafson-Brown cgb at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Thu Feb 23 22:07:25 EST 1995

I would like to thank those who replied to my request for information on
the use of anti-GUS antibodies in situ, and apologize for not posting the
replies sooner.  Unfortunately, there is not much information available. 
This is all I came up with:

"I myself have not used the Clontech's antibody, but my friend who
used it told me that is no good.   Even for Western Blot, it shows very
weak band for GUS protein."

"We had no good luck with Clonthech anti-GUS sera both on western or
in-situ.  I buy it now from 3'-5'.  It works well on western with E.coli
expressing GUS, and with cytoplasmatic GUS in transgenic tobacco .  When
the GUS is fused to another protein (Although GUS activity is high) the
resulton western, are not reproducible with this sera.  In tobacco this
sera recognizes the truncated protein fused to GUS but not in arabidopsis. 
 I think the main  problem with anti gus SERA IS THAT THEY RAISED AGAINST
E.coli,and in plants they may have different properties." 

If you have experience with anti-GUS antibodies I am still interested in
any further insights.


Cindy Gustafson-Brown
UC San Diego

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