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S. Rounsley rounsley at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Fri Feb 24 13:44:36 EST 1995

Dear Arabidopsis netters,
	the purpose of this post is twofold.. Firstly, a few
days ago I posted an announcement of our WWW page on the
Arabidopsis mailing list, and I assumed this would appear on the
newsgroup - it did not appear at our site, except in the form of
a mailing list message, so apparently I misunderstood the link
between the newsgroup and the mailing list.  Therefore I would
like to announce the presence of our WWW pages which I hope will
be a useful information resource for those interested in flower
development and/or the MADS-box gene family.
	Secondly, there is a problem with our name server at
UCSD, so that some users would receive a "connection refused"
message when attempting to access the URL I posted a few days
ago.  The URL I gave was an alias to the machine the pages are
currently on - a machine which will soon change, hence the
utility of an alias.  
	So the short term solution is to access our pages with
the following URL..

	In the long term we hope the name server will be
bugfree, and you will be able to replace the "glamdring" with
"www-biology".  If one day the glamdring URL provides a server
error, then it means our pages have moved onto the new machine,
and hopefully www-biology will point to it.
	I'm sure thats more details than most of you wanted to
know, but I just wanted to make sure people werent giving up on
accessing the pages because of this nameserver problem..
	Thanks and happy surfing
Steve Rounsley


Steve Rounsley,                              Tel: (619) 534-7298

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