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> Dear Dave, or whoever answers this,
> 	I use the arabidopsis newsgroup quite frequently, but
> rarely post, whilst others in my lab receive the mailing list..
> There appears to be two different addresses floating about for
> posting something to the net - arabidopsis at and
> arab-gen at I used the former one to post an
> announcement, and only the mailing list users received it.  What
> exactly is the different between the two?  I think there is

I am copying this back to the newsgroup in case others are also
confused by this.

There is no difference between the two addresses, one is simply an
alias for the other, so that we can catch all possible attempts at
posting.  From our mailing lists file:

arab-gen: arabidopsis

arab-gen forwards to arabidopsis which then goes straight into the
news system.  News articles are then extracted for distribution to the
mailing list, so the messages have to get into news *first* before
e-mail users could possibly receive them.

> quite a bit of confusion amongst the arabidopsis community about
> which address to use, and as a result the newsgroup is missing
> substantial numbers of messages that appear to only reach the
> mailing list.  This is how I understand the situation - of

These kind of statements virtually always turn out to be problems with
the local news server (more below).

> course the missing messages could be due to a local news server
> problem, but I wanted to check with bionet first to check about
> the addresses... Thanks

It is far more likely that any messages missing from the news system
are due to (1) a delivery lag in your news system or (2) a very fast
expiration time on your system causing messages to be deleted before
you read them or (3) an interuption upstream in news delivery to your
site.  In the later case your news administrator will have to check
with the site that feeds you news.  Details about handling news
problems are included in the BIOSCI FAQ which can be retrieved by
gopher to or WWW to


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