Arabidopsis EST database

John Morris john.morris at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Feb 28 15:38:52 EST 1995

The WAIS index of Arabidopsis dbEST entries on the Arabidopsis Research
Companion Gopher has just been updated courtesy of the people at NCBI.
There are now 14093 Arabidopsis ESTs from dbEST.  The entries are
accessible using key word searches such as "glucose and transferase" or
"membrane and glyco*" (with out the quotes), or use a GenBank accession

In addition to the DNA sequence, the entries have sections on similarities
to recent submissions, and high scoring simalarities to members of the
non-redundant nucleotide and protein databases.

To search the database, first connect to the gopher server.  Try the
command;  gopher

once the menu appears choose option 5

      1.  About the AAtDB Research Companion
      2.  Commonly Asked Questions about Gopher
      3.  Help Searching the WAIS databases
      4.  ...
 -->  5.  Arabidopsis Information (thale cress)

On the next page, choose option 9

 -->  9.  Arabidopsis cDNA Sequences in dbEST
      10. Arabidopsis BioSci Electronic Conference  <?>

You can also connect to the gopher menu via our World Wide Web server, the
URL is

If you have a Web browser, I highly recommend the NCBI's own excellent EST
database search facility, the URL is


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