the dammned vector pBI101.3

Tue Feb 28 02:27:22 EST 1995

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> > Hi, Arabidopsis netters:
> > 
> >     Please note there is a stop codon within the MCS of pBI101.3 from 
> > Clontech. I can not imagine how Clontech could have sold such a damned 
> > vector to plant research community. If you ever tried the vector for 
> > inframe fusion construct and did not have positive results by cloning 
> > your interested fragments into Xba I, Sal I or HindIII site, you better
> > redo it with other strategies. I have spent a few monthes for my constructs
> > and finally found this problem. By the way, can I or other victims take 
> > some kind of actions against Clontech? Any advice, please!
> > 
> > 
This appears to be another item to add to the list of what I feel is very poor
service by Clontech in regard to this vector. Firstly the restriction map that
comes with the vector is a joke, it took until their last catalogue to point
out that PstI and SphI are not unique, the sequence they include with the
vector is only 2400bp out of 12200bp, this sequence is also incorrect and was
based on a supposition NOT data as there is M13 DNA fragments between the
left and right borders (see Fray et al. Plant Mol Biol 1994 (25) 339-342).

It really amounts to very poor quality control that we have to pay for.

Just my 2 cents


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