Postdoc in Physiology/Genetics

Fred D Sack fsack at
Mon Jan 23 21:14:17 EST 1995

A postdoctoral position is available to study gravitropic sensing in
Arabidopsis.  The specific project depends in part on the skills and interests
of the successful candidate.  Possible areas include: (1) the study of
environmental parameters that affect determinations of sensitivity, (2) genetic
and physiological analyses of the extent to which existing and putative mutants
have a gravitropic phenotype, and (3) transformations using various genes and
promotors to analyze hypotheses of sensing.

A background in plant physiology/genetics and/or molecular biology is required.
 Funding is from NASA for up to 3 years.  Interviews will continue until a
suitable candidate is found, but the position is available as early as March,
1995.  Send a CV and 3 reference letters to Fred Sack, Department of Plant
Biology, Ohio State University, 1735 Neil Avenue, Columbus Ohio 43210.  Phone:
614-292-0896.  FAX: 614-292-6345.  e-mail: sack.1 at

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