BAC Library Distribution

Rod Wing rodwing at TAM2000.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jul 3 22:00:50 EST 1995

Dear Arabidopsis Community

Due to overwhelming response, we are now prepared to distribute the A.
thaliana BAC library recently described in Weeds World 2(i)  (Choi et al.).
The library will be distributed in ten 384 well and 1 96 well microtiter
plates.  To cover the cost of preparing and maintaining the BAC library, a
handeling charge of $300 plus shipping will be assesed per request.  Please
indicate by email if you want a copy of the BAC library.  We will process
10-20 orders at a time.  Because we have a postdoc and graduate student
volunteering time to fill the orders there may be a delay between the time
of ordering and receiving the library.  We estimate we can fill an order
within 30 days.

Happy Landing,

Rod A. Wing

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