Graduate Fellowship

Clifford Weil cweil at
Fri Jul 7 14:03:15 EST 1995

        NSF funding (3 years) is available for a graduate student to join
a project looking at developmental regulation of transposon activity in
and the question of when and how plant cells first become fated to produce
gametes.  The project examines the unusual developmental suppression of a
Ds element and tests the hypothesis that transposition has become
suppressed specifically in cells of the L2 layer of the maize meristem.  A
strong background in genetics or molecular biology is desireable.
        Interested students can reply by e-mail to this address for further
information.  The stipend is $12,000 per year plus tuition, fees and
medical insurance.  The University of Idaho is located in Moscow, ID, in
the Pacific Northwestern USA.  Moscow is a small town a short distance from
a wide variety of outdoor activities (in addition to maize genetics!) such
as hiking, skiing, fishing, horseback riding and rafting.  I look forward
to hearing from you...

Clifford Weil
Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID  83844 USA

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