stipules / extra floral nectaries??

A.P.Fordham-Skelton at A.P.Fordham-Skelton at
Thu Jul 13 03:29:00 EST 1995

Hello, excuse my lack of botanical knowledge, but there are 2 small
"finger-like" structures on the base of leaf petioles, these stain gus
positive with one of our promoters and I have no idea what they are or what
they are called.  I have also seen them at the base of developing flower
buds, are these the same things??  Any help with an answer to this would be
gratefully received, thanks, Tony Fordham-Skelton.

Department of Biochemistry and Genetics,
The Medical School,
University of Newcastle,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE2 4HH,
United Kingdom.

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