Arabidopsis genomic or cDNA libraries in binary vectors

Ricardo Azpiroz azpiroz at AG.ARIZONA.EDU
Mon Jul 17 11:03:36 EST 1995

The Stock Center at Ohio State University has an Arabidopsis genomic 
library in a modified version of pOCA18; the vector now has a hygromycin 
resistance gene in place of the KanR gene. The library was constructed in 
Ken Feldmann's lab by Malcolm Bennett.(For some reason, the donor name in 
the stock center catalogue is listed as "Schulz"). pOCA18-H is, I 
believe, the name of the modified vector, and it is a binary cosmid. The 
average insert size for the library (which was made from size-selected 
Wassilewskija DNA) is 25 kb.

On 15 Jul 1995, Y. Lin wrote:

> Does anybody have knowledge about Arabidopsis genomic libraries in
> binary vectors or cDNA exprssion libraries driven by plant promoters in 
> binary vectors for complementing mutants? Any related informations will
> be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
> Yun Lin
> Dept. of Biological Sciences
> Univ. of Iowa
> Iowe City, IA 52242
> E-mail: ylin at

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