PCR on fresh plant tissue?

Neal Stewart nstewart at uga.cc.uga.edu
Mon Jul 17 09:02:25 EST 1995

In article <3u4p2n$o64 at news.iastate.edu> annieliu at iastate.edu (Tsu-Hwie Liu) writes:
>From: annieliu at iastate.edu (Tsu-Hwie Liu)
>Subject: PCR on fresh plant tissue?
>Date: 14 Jul 1995 03:42:15 GMT

>Does anybody know how to do PCR on fresh plant tissue? I have some small
>putative transgenic plants with GUS gene. They are too small for me to do
>DNA extraction and sourthern hybridization. Can I use a small portion of
>plant to amplify GUS gene by PCR? 

>Thanks for any information about it.

Hi:  May I humbly suggest Stewart and Via (1993):  A rapid CTAB DNA isolation 
technique useful for RAPD fingerprinting and other PCR applications 
BioTechniques 14:748-751.  This will give you DNA good for PCR.  In addition, 
we have been using it for screening transgenic plants, both for PCR, and if 
you increase the amount of fresh starting tissue, the method yields DNA of 
sufficient quality and quantity for Southerns.  
Cheers,  Neal

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