Molecular markers

Tue Jul 18 10:22:25 EST 1995

Can anyone help me out there?
     I am currently working on Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) analysis in 
Arabidiposis, using the standard 99 recombinant inbred lines derived 
from the cross of Columbia ecotype x Landesberg erecta (Lister and 
Dean). I have been doing some crosses with these, and now wish to 
look at their resultant genotypes using molecular techniques.
     However, this is a new field of study for me completely. Although I 
am aware that there are various RFLP maps published to date, 
detailing RFLP marker and position over the 5 chromosomes of 
Arabidopsis for the crosses concerened, I am mainly interested in 
looking at RAPD's and other PCR'able markers available.
     I would be extremely grateful if anyone could point me in the right 
direction here, or possibly send me a reference to chase up regarding 
RAPDs or other PCR'able markers on Arabidopsis.
                                                            Many thanks,
                                                                          Malcolm Burns
                                                    E-MAIL : M.J.BURNS at

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