Two Postdoc Positions Available

Fred D Sack fsack at
Wed Jul 19 10:43:49 EST 1995

POSITION ONE:  Search reopened.  The project is to study how Arabidopsis roots
sense gravity and primarily addresses the possible roles of the rootcap and
starch.  Specific research areas depend upon the skills and interests of
the successful candidate.  Possible areas include: (1) the effects of light on
gravitropism, (2) genetic and physiological analyses of transformants and
mutants displaying gravitropism and starch minus phenotypes, and (3) the
isolation of new gravitropic and structural mutants from lines bearing
transgenic markers.  This position is available immediately but the start date
is negotiable.

POSITION TWO:  This is for space and ground-based research in cress (Lepidium)
roots in collaboration with Prof. D. Volkmann and Dr. M. Tewinkel.  The postdoc
will be involved in developing and preparing experiments for launch of the
Space Shuttle in the Biorack module in a mission with docking with the Mir
Space Station.  Areas of investigation include analysis of differential root
growth and the cytoskeleton in both gravitropism and in "autotropism" (root
straightening after short g-doses).  Funding for this position should be
available starting October, 1995.

A background in plant physiology, cell biology, genetics and/or molecular
biology is desirable.  Send a curriculum vitae and inquiries to Fred Sack,
Dept. of Plant Biology, Ohio State University, 1735 Neil Avenue, Columbus Ohio
43210.  Phone: 614-292-0896.  FAX: 614-292-6345.  e-mail: sack.1 at

Also, if you will be at the ASPP (Plant Physiology) meetings at Charlotte, we
can talk there.

Columbus is a liveable city of about one million people with many of the
amenities of a "university" town.  There is an active community of plant
molecular and cell biologists at Ohio State University, and the department is 
particularly strong in gravitational biology.

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