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David W. Meinke meinke at OSUUNX.UCC.OKSTATE.EDU
Wed Jul 19 13:46:50 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues:

Many of you may remember that several years ago, Maarten
Koornneef and I organized a survey to collect the most
recent mapping data on Arabidopsis genes identified by
mutation.  The results of that survey were used to construct
the "classical" genetic map that was published in the Cold
Spring Harbor book on Arabidopsis and included in the
1994/95 ABRC catalogs and the AIMS/AAtDB databases.

Since that time, large amounts of mapping data have been
generated, using both visible and molecular markers, for
genes identified by mutation.  Many other genes have been
assigned to a linkage group but not localized to a precise
chromosomal region.  Unfortunately, this recent information
has not been collected and summarized in a format that is
readily available to members of the Arabidopsis community.   

The purpose of this brief announcement is to let you know
that a new mapping survey is currently being prepared and
will soon be posted on this electronic network.  This new
survey will once again be restricted to genes identified by

Please be sure to respond to this survey!

The results will be summarized in a tabular form so that
information can be included for every mutant locus that has
been assigned to a linkage group.  This table will then be
made available to everyone in the Arabidopsis community and
will probably be included in the next annual progress report
(Yellow/Green "Book") for the Arabidopsis genome project.  A 
good response is therefore needed to demonstrate continued
progress in gene identification and characterization.  The
survey will allow individuals to provide useful information
without jeopardizing their own efforts in map-based cloning. 

Please get your mapping data in order and be prepared to
respond to this important survey.  


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