Slow Survey Response

David W. Meinke meinke at OSUUNX.UCC.OKSTATE.EDU
Thu Jul 27 10:01:32 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues:

The response to my survey requesting updated nomenclature and mapping 
information has been rather slow to say the least.  Most of the major 
laboratories in the field have not yet responded.  Please take the time 
now to review the "Gene Symbol" and "Map Data" files recently sent to
the network and to complete the survey form requesting corrections and 
additions to those files.     

I will compile and distribute a list of laboratories that have responded 
to the survey by August 14.  Hopefully it will not be necessary to send 
reminder messages to those laboratories that have not responded by that 

Please help in this effort.


David W. Meinke
Department of Botany
Oklahoma State University
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