Biodegradable Plastics from Plants

Cheng Luo luo at cc.Helsinki.FI
Sun Jul 30 12:50:31 EST 1995

	About the biological plastics (or degradable plastics) I think it is
not a therotical topic any more, however, the cost of production and the
market is far to fit well.  I got some attention about this when I was in
Vienna University, my boss was very ambitous, he address a lot about this kind
promissing project, of course the main reason I would like to say it is
for getting grant from industry like ICI.  However, recently I heard a
Chinese company, so-called Hua-Xin Co. produce economic and quality degradable
plastics with 50% Polyester and 45% starch.  I would like someone
contnue to discuss this issue in group, or directly mail to me.  Thanks!
However, I and Chun Ming Chan would like to discuss this I suppose. 
Cheng Luo  30/07/95, Helsinki, Finland

Chun Ming Chan (t9556457 at wrote:
:  Hi,

:  Thanks heaps for your helps over the topic of my Genetic Application 
: Investigation Report.  

: However, I have chosen to do my report on Generating Plastic from Plants. 
: But I am still unclear on a few things... Is this still a theory or it 
: had been going on for sometime now? Have they actually succeeded in 
: generating plastic from plants? If so, where can I find more information 
: on the topic? 

: Anyone knows the exact procedure of the application? 

: Thank You

: Regards
: Ben

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