PostdocPosition Available

Joe Kieber u63219 at UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU
Thu Jun 1 16:14:39 EST 1995

        A postdoctoral position is availiable immediately in the lab of Joe
Kieber at the U. of Illinois at Chicago. The posion is to work on one of
two projects.The first utilizes a genetic approach to identify elements
involved in regulating the biosynthesis of ethylene. A number of mutants
have been isolated that overproduce ethylene, from 10 to 200 fold more than
wild-type seedlings. These mutants will be further characterized,
additional mutations will be isolated and we will attempt to clone the most
interesting genes. A second project involves a characterization of the CTR1
gene and protein (see Cell 72: 427-441), as well as a search for novel
elements involved in ethylene signal transduction. The choice of projects
will depend on the interests of the applicant. I will be at the Arabidopsis
meeting if anyone wants to meet with me at that time, or feel free to give
me a call.

       Applicants should send a C. V. and three letters of  references to:

                     Joe  Kieber
                     University of Illinois @ Chicago
                     Laboratory for Molecular Biology (M/C 066)
                     840 West Taylor St.   Rm 4281
                    Chicago, IL  60607-7020
                    Phone (312) 996-5655
                    FAX  (312) 413-2691
                    E-mail  U63219 at

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