2 job postings

Jennifer Crowley jcrowley at ca.uky.edu
Fri Jun 2 13:04:36 EST 1995

Dr. George Wagner at the University in Lexington Kentucky has two job 

Post Doctoral/Visiting Scientist, Molecular Biologist
Genetic engineering of plant trichomes to modify terpene & fatty acid 
metabolism.  This will include gene isolation, transformation, and 
tissue targeting.  Funded by DOE.

Post Doctoral/Visiting Scientist, Enzymologist
Isolation & characterization of enzymes involved in a novel pathway 
for synthesis of short & medium-chain fatty acids (PNAS 91:11437, 
1994).  Funded by DOE.

Respond to any of the following addresses

jcrowley at ca.uky.edu, or G. Wagner, N212 ASCN, University of Kentucky, 
Lexington, KY 40546-0091.  Phone number (606)257-5974

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