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Toni Schaeffner schaeff at
Fri Jun 2 08:37:55 EST 1995

There will be a genome workshop at the 6th Arabidopsis meeting in Madison
next week as announced earlier to the net.

HOWEVER it will be truncated in time and shifted to another spot because we
did not want to detract too many people from other highly interesting

The genome workshop will be on

               Thursday evening June 8, 1995, 6:30 till 7:30 p.m.

Below I list the intension and a tentative/final (?) program:

As announced earlier we want to discuss basic, interesting, and technical
information, helpful or interesting to anybody working on a genome related

There will be a short overview about posters which are interesting in
relation to genome research.

This will be followed by some short 5-6 min presentations as listed below.
These will hopefully stimulate discussions among participants.

Mark Schena [schena at] "Genome analysis using high density

Clare Lister [lister at] "Mapping on the Ler x Col recombinant
inbred lines"

Tony Schaeffner [schaeff at]: "Joint analysis of PCR and
RFLP markers for mapping of mutants and selection of recombination events"

Minoru Murata [mmura at]: "DNA sequences visualized
on Arabidopsis chromosomes by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)"

Craig S. Pikaard [pikaard at or pikaard at]:
"Mapping of NORs (nucleolus organizer regions) and NOR-associated telomers"

Catherine Bellini [bellini at] " Use of two-dimensional
protein-pattern analysis for the characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana

The third part will be short at the official workshop, but may be the most
important to everybody of us who is involved in gene mapping, cloning, ...:

We will post (already during the day) 5 big sheets of differently colored
paper representing the five chromosomes (which thereby will be assigned a
color!!) on which some marker positions are indicated for rough

Everybody working in a particular region and willing to share data or
markers on one hand and seeking information on the other hand should put
her/his name onto that sheets.
We will try then to organize or just initiate "private" chromosome or even
region specific discussion groups at a separate time, e.g. during lunch or
dinner in the following days.

Looking forward to meet you,

Tony Schaeffner

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