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jc273 Jerry_D_COHEN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Mon Jun 5 15:01:24 EST 1995

   A postdoctoral position working on transformation of tomato using novel
genes involved with auxin metabolism is available.  The goal of this
research is to specifically alter IAA levels in fruit tissues during early
stages of development.  Our initial interest will be directed at using iglu
(the gene encoding the formation of IAA-glucose) and an IAAsp hydrolase gene
we are cloning from bacteria.  The bacterial gene should "short circuit" IAA
degradation since IAAsp is an intermediate in the major catabolic route for
IAA in tomato.  We believe that these approaches offer the potential to
change IAA levels in specific tissues by  using even the relatively weak
tissue specific promoters currently available.

  We offer a particularly exciting environment in which to study auxin
metabolism with active programs studying IAA biosynthesis, IAA conjugation,
as well as auxin control of plant development and responses to the
environment.  Advanced techniques for measurement of hormone levels,
identification of metabolites, preparation of radioactive conjugates and
changes in metabolic activities are routinely done.  Thus, we have in place
excellent capacity to characterize in detail changes in auxin biochemistry
resulting from the genetic modifications.

  This project is funded for a period of 2.5 years by the U.S.-Israel BARD
fund with an expected starting date of January 1996.  This project is part
of an active collaboration between our research groups which, we feel,
increases the range of techniques, facilities and opportunities available to
accomplish this research.  Our laboratories maintain very active
associations locally, nationally and internationally that should help in the
work proposed and provide additional research opportunities after the
initial goals are completed.

  A background in general plant molecular techniques and experience in the
production of transgenic plants would be appropriate for this position, as
would a desire to learn plant hormone biochemistry.

If interested, please contact either:

Dr. Jerry D. Cohen, USDA-ARS Horticultural Crops Quality Laboratory, B002
Rm. 103 BARC-W, 10300 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-2350

Phone 301-504-6635, FAX 301-504-5107, Email: jc273 at


Dr. Janet P. Slovin, USDA-ARS Climate Stress Laboratory, B046A BARC-W, 10300
Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705-2350

Phone 301-504-5629, FAX 301-504-7521

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