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Fred Lehle lehle at
Tue Jun 13 17:16:58 EST 1995

Web Tip:  To find faculty email addresses on the internet, one
approach is to find the web page of their institution first.  
For the convenience of those researchers who prefer the world
wide web, LEHLE SEEDS maintains links to two such lists of Colleges and 
Universities at the URL address of!un.html.  

Using this approach, I determined some good news and some bad news
for N. Holton, University of Otago, NZ.  

The good news is that the email address of Dr. Richard D. Firn, Senior 
Lecturer, Biology Department at the University of York is 
drf1 at

The bad news is that he last logged on May 15, 1995.

May I suggest you email your inquiry to biohelp at who 
I suspect can drop a note in his departmental box for you.

Fred Lehle, Ph.D.
webmaster at

In article <199506131922.HAA24288 at> 
nickhol at SANGER.OTAGO.AC.NZ (Nick Holton) writes:>
>        does anybody know the email address of richard d. firn, of univ of
>york, dept of biology?
>n. holton
>univ of otago
>nickhol at

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