6-c-myc epitope

Natasha.Raikhel NRAIKHEL at MSU.EDU
Tue Jun 13 13:37:05 EST 1995

 Dear Arabidopsis Netters,
 Coming back from the Arabidopsis meeting, I have already received many
requests for multimerized c-myc epitope. We cannot possibly send constructs to
all who have requested them. Therefore, I am deposting both constructs and
corresponding maps in the stock center in Ohio. One construct is for
N-terminal fusion ( the construct was obtained from Randy Schekman's lab) and
the other for C-terminal fusion (this construct was prepared in my lab), both
constructs with multiple cloning sites. I will send these constructs at the
end of this week. For some proteins it is possible to make an intelligent
guess as to which fusion will work best. For many proteins of unknown
function, the best choice is to make both fusions.
We will be ready to perform EM analysis with our plants transformed with this
cassette shortly. I will let you know our results.
A hope this will be helpful.
Natasha Raikhel.

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