GFP's cryptic intron

Jim Haseloff jph at
Tue Jun 13 15:22:40 EST 1995

As a follow up to Mark Guiltinan's recent GFP posting:

Yes, we have identified and "cured" a cryptic intron from within the
jellyfish cDNA sequence, which is VERY efficiently recognised in
Arabidopsis. My colleagues in the work, Kirby Siemering, Douglas Prasher
and Sarah Hodge, share any credit for this.  The intron is 84 bases in
size, positioned between residues 400 and 483 in the coding sequence. We
have constructed a modified version (mGFP-4) with altered codon usage (i.e.
unaltered protein sequence) which is efficiently and brightly expressed in
transgenic Arabidopsis plants. Preliminary observations relayed to me
suggest that this modified form of GFP is beneficial, and in some cases may
be necessary, for expression in other plants. 

Although this work is unpublished, we'd like to share the fun, and a
plasmid vector bearing this gene cassette under the control of the 35S
promoter is freely available for academic research. (It is not available
from commercial suppliers at this stage.) The plasmid comes with full
sequence information. Please include your fax number with any request, to
speed up the small amount of bureaucratic pain involved (release form).

Jim Haseloff
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Cambridge. England. 


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