gourmet A.thaliana

Luca Comai comai at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Jun 14 19:54:42 EST 1995

I have eaten several leaves of Arabidopsis No-0. It tasted very good and it
reminded me of green mustard, but milder and with a little hint of peppery
flavors (the glucosinolates). I meant to grow a bunch for salad, but I never got
around to it. If anybody is interested, I recommend seeding it as a lawn and
harvesting the rosette leaves with a knife (i.e. mowing the lawn) before the
plants bolts. Dressing: olive oil and vinegar (or lemon). It should go well with
chicken or fish. Wine: anything dry and not too heavy. 
Buon appetito,

Luca Comai
U. of Washington

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