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Jeanette Nadeau ez002773 at
Thu Jun 22 17:50:53 EST 1995

	A postdoctoral research associate position is available to conduct 
research on the molecular genetic basis of ovule development in Arabidopsis. 
Research will focus on the analysis of ovule-specific gene expression during 
megasporogenesis and megagametogenesis. Specific goals include 1) the 
isolation and characterization of ovule-specific genes and analysis of 
their expression in wild-type and female-sterile mutants 2) genetic 
ablation of reproductive tissues within the ovule, and 3) functional 
analysis of ovule-specific genes in transgenic plants. Preference will be 
given to applicants with a Ph.D. in plant molecular biology or plant 
biology. Research experience must include gene cloning by library 
screening, analysis of RNA, construction of gene fusions, skills in 
transformation and analysis of transgenic plants.  Analysis of gene 
expression will require skills including in situ hybridization. 
Experience in histological procedures and microscopy (light, fluorescence
and CSLM) are highly desirable. Postition is available Sept., 1995 until 
Aug., 1997 with a possible renewal.

Interested individuals should send a letter of application, c.v., and the 
names and phone numbers of three recommenders to: Sharman D. O'Neill, 
Assistant Professor, Section of Plant Biology, University of California, 
Davis, CA 95616. Telephone: (916) 752-2435, Fax: (916) 752-5410. No email 
applications please.

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