Request for Contact Information (Try 2)

John Morris jwm at WEEDS.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Jun 26 15:20:21 EST 1995

Dear Arabi-netters,

My apologies to those of you who have seen this message
before. However, this never made it back to me via the email
subscription route, so I am sending it out once again.  Note the dates
are about a week off now. - John

Last week I sent out email notes to everyone in the AAtDB database who
had an email address listed.  I was disappointed to find that almost
half of my replies were 'bounced' messages due to a bad address.  I'd
like to improve on that.  For those of you who have already replied,
Thank you.  I'm planning on deleting Contact information that was
updated in 1992 or earlier, and those entries with bad addresses.  So,
if you did not receive an email update request please fill out the the
form below.  If you need a second copy of this message, you can find
one on gopher. (Check tomorrow, 21 June or later, after the
nightly indexing of the mail file.)  To search on gopher for
Arabidopsis Bio-Sci messages connect your gopher client to, or your web browser to the URL
then choose;

--> 5. Arabidopsis Information (thale cress)
    --> 11. Arabidopsis BioSci Electronic Conference (arab-gen) <?>

Try the keywords "AAtDB and Institution" in the search list. (No quote
marks, but include the word 'and'.)

The following is from the email message sent out individually:

I would like to update your Contact information.  Please review the
form below and mail it back to me (either this whole letter, or
just the portion below the dashed line below). Use the address given
in the header (jwm at  Not all items may be
applicable, simply leave those lines unfilled.

As your reply will be read by a machine, please do not remove any
of the labels at the beginning of the lines.  If you add an item, also
add one of the given labels in order to identify the type of
information.  The "#" denotes a comment line which will be ignored
during the read.

If you are not familiar with AAtDB, you may search the database for
your name, and topics related to Arabidopsis, using gopher.  Connect
your gopher client to, then choose

   5. Arabidopsis Information
   -->  8.  AAtDB, An Arabidopsis thaliana Database  ver. 3-5 <?>

Thanks for your help,
John Morris 
AAtDB project
Mass General Hospital
email (usually) john.morris at
# Message_number 0h0183efi8iM18ei28
# For Contact, use the format Last_name, First I.
# eg. Contact : Morris, John W.
Contact : 
#      Region is for some non-US addresses
#      Put "Research_interest" in front of each phrase
#      Put "Keyword" in front of any additional words
#      "Publishes as" is used to link to the list of authors in the
#      database.  Authors are listed with, initial(s), as
#      Publishes_as  Smith, J. D.  Please use that format
#      "Associate" is for collaborators or coauthors.
#      Use the format LastName, FirstName Initial.
#      For machine readability include the comma after the 
#      last name and a period after any initial.
#      If you direct the lab, you may list your lab members with
#      "Member_of_lab" label. Once again, LastName, FirstName Initial.
Obtained_from	 Direct Submission
Last_update	 26-Jun-1995

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