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Mutant Gene Symbols

David W. Meinke meinke at OSUUNX.UCC.OKSTATE.EDU
Thu Mar 9 13:56:08 EST 1995

Members of Arabidopsis Community:

Over the past year, I have compiled numerous additions to the published 
list of mutant gene symbols for Arabidopsis (prepared September 1993 and 
printed in Appendix I of the Year 3 Arabidopsis Genome Project Report,  
known as the Yellow Book, and available through Arabidopsis databases).  

I am now concerned that many people in the community are starting to 
name mutants in preparation for the upcoming Arabidopsis meetings in 
Madison without remembering to consult me about the availability of 
mutant gene symbols.  

I have therefore summarized below all recent additions to the published 
list.  If you have a new mutant to name, please make sure that your 
symbol of choice is not on the main list or the supplement below, and 
then remember to contact me with your proposed symbol.  

You should also contact me if you have used a symbol already on the 
list.  Conflicts of this type will need to be resolved.           

If you have contacted me about a gene symbol and not received a response, 
please try again in case your original message was not received.  

Please do not contact me at this time about nomenclature of cloned genes 
or sequences not associated with a mutation.  You will note that I have 
included some of those symbols at the end of the list below, but I have 
not compiled a comprehensive list.  This will need to be done at a later 

Thanks for your assistance.

David Meinke 
Curator of Mutant Gene Symbols

Mutant Gene Symbols for Arabidopsis thaliana.
Additions to List in Databases and Year 3 Report.
Update Compiled March 9, 1995. 

Symbol Reference Laboratory       

arg   Sedbrook/Caspar/Masson                           
arp   Abler                 
clk   Jacobsen/Meyerowitz   
cpr   Bowling/Dong          
cud   Benfey                
cup   Cobbett               
cyr   Deikmann              
erb   Bowling/Dong          
fdr   Mitchell Olds         
flb   Howard/Cheung         
flp   Yang/Sack             
fon   Confidential          
for   Mourad                
frd   Guernot               
glf   Scheres               
gsm   Haughn                
hpt   Jurgens               
hya   Hauser                
icr   Town                  
lat   Jurgens               
lsd   Confidential          
mod   Confidential          
mto   Naito                 
ndr   Century               
nph   Liscum/Briggs         
npr   Bowling/Dong          
phy   Community Effort      
pic   Benfey                
ple   Hauser                
plu   Hauser                
pnh   Barton                
prl   Springer              
ptl   Smyth                 
qui   Benfey                
rds   Kunst                 
sam   Barton                
scr   DiLaurenzio/Benfey    
sfr   Warren                
sst   Kearns                
stu   Kuhn                  
sus   Schwartz/Meinke       
tag   Kunst                 
vip   Jacobsen/Meyerowitz   
wam   Morris                
wax   Feldmann              
yak   Smyth                 

Symbols in CAPS below refer to cloned genes/
sequences not associated with mutations.  
A comprehensive list of these symbols 
has not yet been prepared.  

Symbol Reference Laboratory       

AGB   Confidential          
AIG   Reuber/Ausubel        
APK   Leustek               
APS   Leustek                   
CAS   Bartel                
CRY   Cashmore              
EXGT  Nishitani             
LRP   Smith                 
PAI   Last                  
SPL   Cardon                
TSA   Last                  

David W. Meinke
Department of Botany
Oklahoma State University
Phone: 405-744-6549
FAX:   405-744-7673
Original Email Address Has Been Changed.
Please Note Updated Email Address Below:
meinke at osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu

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