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Fred Ausubel ausubel at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Mar 15 17:11:37 EST 1995

                          March 15, 1995

Dear Arabidopsis Community:

We have compiled a listing of Arabidopsis CAPS markers. This message
contains directions about how to retrieve this information.

We would like to thank all of you who contributed information about CAPS
markers. The compilation of CAPS markers will be updated periodically.
Please send information about new CAPS markers to Eliana Drenkard at:
Drenkard at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu.  Please provide all of the categories of
information that are listed in the CAPS tables and indicate whether you
want to be identifed or whether you want to remain anonymous.


Fred Ausubel, Eliana Drenkard, John Morris
Department of Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital


The CAPS tables are located in the gopher hole at the Department of
Molecular Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.
To access this gopher hole give the following address to your gopher client
on your local computer:


If you don't have a gopher client but you are directly connected to the
internet and can use telnet, try the command;

telnet weeds.mgh.harvard.edu

then log in with the user name of 'gopher' (unquoted).

If you have a World Wide Web browser such as Mosaic, you can open the URL;


Once you have arrived, follow the path below through the directories to
reach the CAPS files.

 -->  5.  Arabidopsis Information (thale cress)/
      6.  Caenorhabditis Information (nematode)/
     -->  16. Arabidopsis Genetic Maps and Tables/
          17. AAtDB Research Companion World Wide Web Server
          18. AAtDB, An Arabidopsis thaliana Database (version 3-4) <?>
              6.   About_Visible_Maps  [28Dec92, 3kb]
         -->  7.  About_CAPS_Marker_Tables  [12Mar95, 2kb]
              8.  CAPS_Marker_Tables/

The CAPS markers are provided in tabular form for each of the five
chromosomes.  Markers are given in the order of their chromosome position.
Additional information includes the primer sequences, restriction enzyme
and number of cuts for each of the examined ecotypes.

The tables are available in three formats.

Files ending in .txt are plain text versions, reformated for easier
reading via gopher.

Files ending in .hqx are binhex versions of formated Microsoft Word
documents (for the Mac) which may be downloaded to your Macintosh.

Files ending in .rtf are "rich text" versions which may be downloaded
and imported into a variety of word processors.

For general information about CAPS markers see: Andrzej Konieczny and
Fredrerick M. Ausubel, (1993) A procedure for mapping Arabidopsis mutations
using co-dominant ecotype-specific PCR-based markers.  The Plant Journal
4:(2), 403-410.

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